Employees Drinking at Work After Hours: The Dos and Donts

Alcohol long-term effects cause employees’ health to worsen almost every time they drink heavily. Constant alcohol-induced diseases and hangovers result in a high absenteeism rate. Employees who may be in recovery or simply choose not to drink might feel uncomfortable in an environment where alcohol is https://ecosoberhouse.com/ abundant. Even worse, those same employees may feel pressured to attend such an event out of fear of repercussions, being ostracized from further events, or being viewed differently by peers. Activities such as escape rooms or themed dinners will be much more inviting and accessible to all employees.

risks of drinking after work

Workplaces have introduced programs to prevent and treat alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse among employees, especially over the past 25 years. The goal of many of these programs has been “human resource conservation”; that is, the programs strive to ensure that employees maintain their careers and productivity (Roman and Blum 1999). Although the programs vary considerably in their structure, they may include health promotion, education, and referral to AOD abuse treatment when needed. Most of these programs focus on early identification of a problem or helping those already affected by a problem (i.e., secondary prevention) rather than targeting the general population (i.e., primary prevention). Three separate studies show that the majority of American employers offer EAPs, which potentially may provide services to help eliminate drinking in the workplace (Zhang et al. 1999; Hartwell et al. 1996; Blum and Roman 1995).

The Workplace and Alcohol Problem Prevention

Withdrawal symptoms can vary from mild (sweating, headaches, anxiety) to severe (vomiting, shaking, hallucinations and seizures). Giving up alcohol can have a number of health benefits such as aiding weight loss, decreasing blood pressure and cutting the risk of diabetes, according to a recent study. Lawsuits tell us that alcohol abuse at company parties can lead to unwelcome sexual comments, groping, and even sexual assault. Just like at the workplace, your company has a duty to prevent sexual harassment from occurring at company-sponsored events. To learn more about your company’s obligations, see Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Goals can help you stay on track, but sometimes one big goal feels too out of reach.

Employers cannot discriminate against you for your past drug or alcohol use. But when drugs or alcohol affects how you do your job now, you don’t have that same protection. Arielle Castillo, a content producer for a soccer club based in Manchester, England, told me the constant drinking and party atmosphere at a former workplace became so relentless and exhausting that she found another job.

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More importantly, drinking in the workplace significantly differs from one industry to another. Doctors think that the reason is related to the more stress and physical efforts the employees of a certain industry encounter, compared to others. Happy hour and after-work drinks often go hand in risks of drinking after work hand with long days on the job, providing networking opportunities and a chance to unwind. Know that it’s a profitable decision, as it caters to the steady demand of those who choose to indulge at the end of the day. Export times are impacted both by your graphics hardware and your workflow.

risks of drinking after work

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